Promotion of Galla Goat Breed
KLBA has worked with Galla goat breeders to support Conservation of the breed in West Pokot and other ASAL areas.
Kenya Studbook office in Nakuru.
At the office all stud records are kept and maintained for farmers.
Boran herd
A registered herd of boran cattle belonging to one of the ranchers in Nanyuki.
Training of Extension livestock breeds inspectors
The Kenya Stud Book works with the various breed societies to train breeds inspectors across the country to assist them in carrying out field extension work .
Friesian Herd
Friesian Dairy Cattle is the preferred breed for production of high volumes of milk .

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best  Livestock Registration and Recording center and bring Livestock Registration and Recording attain International standards of excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve Livestock breeding through effective and efficient  Livestock Registration and Recording and help farmers,

Institutions and entrepreneurs reach an international market with our expertise in recording and registration.

Training in breeding

We offer advice to farmers on breeding and importance of record keeping and livestock registration.

Livestock Registration

Through livestock registration farmers ensure consistent record keeping which enables them make better decisions on breeding and selection.

Performance Recording

Livestock performance recording is an important aspect in making decisions on farm for improvement and profitability


The Kenya Stud Book ensures constant reporting and feedback to farmers on performance of their herds. This helps farmers to keep track of key breeding strategies.

Our Services

About us

  • The Kenya Livestock Breeders Association (KLBA) is an independent farmers body formed to coordinate and promote livestock breeding and improvement. It is the only national body dealing with livestock registration and milk recording in Kenya.


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