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Livestock Inspection

The first method of evaluating breeding stock in many livestock registries is the studbook inspection.

Typically there are prerequisites in terms of pedigree, breed traits and standards (colour, conformation, and height e.t.c) which vary depending on breed and society standards.

Through farmer training, We advice farmers on record keeping, animal identification and registration.

Milk recording

KLBA runs the Dairy Recording Service of Kenya (DRSK) which is charged with the responsibility of maintaining official dairy animal performance records for all animals that are milk recorded.

Record Keeping

A farmer is entitled to keep proper and accurate records in order to maintain and improve breeding and easily manage his or her farm. Records are of great importance when it comes to registration and ensuring proper animal mecharndise

About us

  • The Kenya Livestock Breeders Association (KLBA) is an independent farmers body formed to coordinate and promote livestock breeding and improvement. It is the only national body dealing with livestock registration and milk recording in Kenya.


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